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+7 (495) 256 00 91
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E-mail: tvst@list.ru
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Cancellation / change of booking

If your plans have changed, and you wish to cancel your booking at an apartment chosen by you, please, call at +7(495)256-00-91, (at any time). If the cancelation occures more then 5 days prior to the initial settling plan, we shall return you the sum of money payed for the reservation (which is equals to 1 day of residing in an apartment). If you have informed us about plan changes in less than 5 days before the initial selling, the the reservation payment will be withdrawn from you.
If your plans have exchanged, and you wish to change dates of residing, please, call at once phone at +7(499)251-56-70. If you have informed us 5 days prior to planned arrival, the penalty will not be inforced. We will provide you with another set of options for the new dates, or we will offer you some other ways of accommodation.