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If you have chosen one of our apartments, we advise you to reserve it at once. For this purpose you should bring the down-payment that equals to the one day of residing in the given apartment. After paying the down-payment an apartment is considered reserved by you. Having not received a down-payment we cannot guarantee an accommodation in an apartment chosen by you.
You should pay the rest of the residing cost as you are settling in an apartment.
You can choose one of the following ways of payment:
Cash - in roubles you can istall a down-payment during first meeting with our manager for preliminary viewing of an apartment. You can pay personally or through a representative of yours in Moscow.

Through system Yandex - money. Number of our account 41001118850149
From any city of Russia where there is a Sberbank of Russia located. At your request we will sent you all necessary information
Bank transfer from a organization account or from a personal account
Through express transfering system. 
Also we are ready to consider other way of payment convenient for you.